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Women are Cake

If you ask pretty much any single person if they have a an idea of their picture perfect partner, many will give you a description of the type of perfect person they could see themselves with in their mind. They might describe outer beauty such tall, dark and handsome or cute face, slim waist with a big behind. They might describe inner beauty such honesty, smart, funny, outgoing, or caring. When it come to finding this person one may never find them because the deem themselves too picky, or they might find that the picturesque prince(ness) of perfection town in their head is way out of their league. Others may even become desperate and just go for people simply because someone is  interested and not because they possess  any of the qualities the seeker is looking for. 


I like to look at this whole equation like baking a cake from scratch using the ingredients from your home without going to the store. The more ingredients you have the better your cake will turn out. The end product of a yummy cake is the most important not nessarily the ingredients within the cake. However if you don't have enough of the proper ingredients the cake is likely to resemble something from the toilet rather than the oven. 


It is nice to dream of the perfect person while you are single. It isn't so nice to find that person in reality. You can't be too picky because you may not ever find the most perfect person so you could be missing out on an amazing relationship with someone who may not have all the qualities you are looking for. A cake can still be wonderful without the exact amount of flour or one egg less. At the same time you shouldn't settle for someone without most of the qualities you are desiring. You wouldn't bake cake and leave out the sugar.


Reguardless of whether you're baking a cake or searching for a significant other. It should be important to find the qualities or ingredients your want but  if you can't find them all you can still have something extraordinarily good with the most important ingredients or qualities.


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